Vaseeyatnama Security and Privacy Features

Information You Provide: We understand that information related to wills, succession, and estate planning is strictly private and confidential. When any data or details you provide are captured in an encrypted format. These details are inaccessible to vaseeyatnama, its employees, and technical associates, except as instructed by you. As part of our offline services, you may share additional information, for customized will preparation, execution, attestation, storage, translation, registration, and notarization in accordance with Indian laws.

Personal Data of Customer:

DIY Will Security Features:

Password Protection: You can create your own password during registration and change it anytime. Your changed password is known only to you, and our system cannot retrieve it.
Data Privacy: While creating your personal information remains technology ensures that no one can access or view your Will details at any time.
Data Retention: After 60 days from your payment for our online services, all data and Wills are automatically erased from our system.
Limited Use of Personal Data: We retain your Personal Data only for specific purposes,such as providing requested services, sending administrative emails, and informing you about updates or offers.
Legal Disclosure: We may disclose your Personal Data if required by law or in response to official investigations or legal proceedings initiated by governmental or law enforcement authorities.

Use of the Information We Collect:

You have control over sharing personal information on our site. We use the personal information you provide to deliver services, maintain and develop the site, and notify you of any relevant news. Your Personal Data will not be shared with advertisers, spammers, or any third parties. We do not share additional information, or your succession details, with any third parties unless you provide written consent. Upon completion or termination of our offline services, we promptly delete all such information, except for personal information provided during user registration.


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