Custodian of Will

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Custodianship: Safeguarding Your Will

1. Understanding Custodianship:

  • Custodianship involves the safekeeping and management of your Will.
  • It ensures that your Will is securely stored and easily accessible when required.

2. Choosing a Custodian:

  • Selecting a trustworthy custodian is crucial, someone who is reliable, experienced, and responsible.

3. Ideal Custodians:

  • Trusted Family Members: Spouses or main beneficiaries who can be relied upon.
  •  Close Confidants: Friends or trusted employees who understand the importance of confidentiality.
  • Professional Custodians:, Advocates, or other professionals.

Vaseeyatnama’s Approach:

  • Vaseeyatnama provides fire-proof lockers for secure Will storage.
  • Upon entrusting us with your Will, we issue a digital certificate:
  • Confirming our appointment as Custodian.
  • Outlining procedures and conditions for handover.
  • You are advised to keep the certificate in your personal files and share copies with relevant individuals for their record and information.
  •  With Vaseeyatnama's secure custodianship services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Will is in safe hands, ensuring that your wishes are upheld and executed as intended.

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