Executor of Will

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Executor Of Will

1. Executor’s Role:
  • The Executor acts as administrator over the assets of the deceased and is responsible for collection of all assets including moneys owed to the deceased
  • The Executor is responsible for :
    • payment of debts and taxes owed to the deceased or his estate;
    • taking control over all assets of the deceased.
    • Distribution of all Income/Assets to the intended beneficiaries
    • Application for obtaining probate.
  • Challenges involved:
    • Determination of assets and claims sometimes becomes complex;
    • Complex Family Dynamics;
    • Distribution of family owned businesses
    • Size of Assets;
2. Professional Executor Services: The execution of a trust requires understanding of local laws with respect to transfer of immovable property, Indian Succession Laws, Personal Law, Taxation, Finance and Accounting. Hence, we recommend appointment of a Professional Executor. Our Professional Executors :
  • posses deep domain knowledge.
  • Understand the intricacies of law, tax and finance;
  • Will ensure that will is executed as per the desire of the deceased and
  • Most important, supported by our team.

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